News Release: August 31, 2016
Excel Gear in Roscoe, Illinois is proud to announce the addition of new single point dressing software to their new Liebherr LCS1200 1.2 meter generating/profile gear grinder. This is currently the only Liebherr gear grinder in North America to offer a full range of specialized tooth grinding solutions which include custom tip and root relief, tooth tip chamfering, and custom crowning.

This addition allows Excel Gear to offer any number of specialized gear profile modifications along with the speed and lower cost per piece of the generating grinding process. “We believe it will put us ahead of the competition for specialized, high performance applications in areas such as rotary scroll and turbo compressors, automobile racing, and the latest hybrid transmission technology,” according to the President of Excel Gear.

If you have any custom gear grinding requirements and would like a quote, just give us a call, or submit your request online to: quotations@excelgear.com

Advanced Gun System Gearbox

August 2015 –

Excel Gear announced the shipment of the latest gearbox assemblies for the second phase of the Advanced Gun System.  These gearboxes will be fitted on the 3rd Zumwalt-class of stealth ships for the US Navy.  This ship is now under construction.

This project went through an extensive design and testing process before final approval on the gun platform.  These gearbox assemblies are subjected to tremendous dynamic loading and must maintain the utmost rigidity and minimal total backlash for maximum response.

Excel Gear used its’ EXCEL-LENT gear application software in this challenging application.