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Gear Design & Analysis

For over 23 years, manufacturers of machine tools, heavy material handling equipment, military ordnance, and naval vessels have looked to Excel Gear to meet the most demanding standards for large gears, gear boxes, high speed spindles, and quality control and performance.

Coupled with our EXCEL-LENT gear application software, we offer customers an unbeatable package of assistance for most challenging power transmission applications in the industry.

Excel-Lent Software

Engineering, Research, and Development Staff

  • Excel Gear's engineers have over 50 years of experience in machine tool design and analysis in the areas of custom gear boxes and power transmission systems.
  • Our engineers can assist in any phase of the customer's project including gear design, system design and analysis (Finite Element Analysis), and vibration analysis.
  • Excel Gear also has access to highly qualified engineering consultants with extensive experience in design, analysis, and inspection. We employ these consultants on an as needed basis.

Key Accomplishments

  • Designed and built over five-hundred 15,000 rpm spindle units for Hurco Manufacturing Co. facilities in Indianapolis, USA and Taiwan.
  • Designed and built nineteen 20,000 rpm motorized spindle CNC gimbal heads for Okuma Company of Japan. The accuracy of this head is within 5 microns and exceeds all customer specifications.
  • Designed, analyzed, manufactured and tested the weapons drive system gearboxes for the US Navy’s Zumwalt class destroyers. We are now working on the latest phases of this platform including the radar guidance drive system.
  • Development of gear design and analysis software for retail and business-to-business sales.
  • Electronic testing of gear boxes.
  • Designed and manufactured the gearboxes for the world’s largest pile driver in 2012 which broke a new record again in 2017!